History Of The Kracked Egg

Once upon a time in 2008, an idea dawned upon me one morning (no pun intended) whilst trying to decide on what and where to have breakfast. Would it be Denny’s, Kings, Shirleys or Linda’s Cafe? All of these stand alone, established restaurants are located away from Tumon where I have lived for over 20 years. And I realized that there wasn’t a breakfast place to go to outside my home village and the island’s tourist capital, aside from the usual hotel offerings and fast food joints.  Being in the food industry owning and operating restaurants, an idea started to form.  And when an idea starts to form and grabs me, I somehow never seem to let it go.  It took me 5 years to realize my vision of opening up the Kracked Egg.  I had conceptualized a name, created recipes and 2 years into the idea and concept, I found the location of exactly where the Kracked Egg should be---smack dab in the middle of Tumon.


That exact location took me another 3 years to finally secure.  Every time I tried, the space was never available.  For one reason or another, that exact same space that I wanted all along came my way.  I believe that fate had a hand in this.  Somehow, in some strange way, the timing was just not right for me although the space was.  I relegated to be patient.  And patient I was…… I knew what I wanted to do and how to do it and that I should not do this alone.  Running a restaurant is arduous, time consuming and can become quite stressful.  Patience paid off, one evening while attending a Christmas Party and having known 3 wonderful ladies who were business partners in another concern, Balutan Queen, I approached them on the idea and my vision of the Kracked Egg.  I proceeded to inform them that collectively they had everything that I needed to help me with running and creating the Kracked Egg.  Toni who is tireless and is able to handle Human Resources and operational management, Jeni who has a background in finance and experience with building maintenance, and Annmarie, who has a bit of that fine je ne said quois and marketing charm.  Together, we set out to hatch the idea and create what has become a wildly successful breakfast restaurant to cater to locals, tourists, and military personnel.

Together, we continue to be a work in progress, creating and providing another alternative to dining which focuses on the Egg.  

Serving up breakfast - one kracked egg at a time...

Lory Tydingco, Antonita Onedera Blas (aka Toni), Jennifer Muna Aguon and Annmarie Muna

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